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The main challenges on the road to sustained growth are the attraction of leads, the conversion of leads into customers, and their loyalty (retention). The obstacles faced by organizations in developing teams that can work on these three aspects create a discouraging scenario for entrepreneurs. Our continuous improvement approach allows us to implement projects that can ensure short, medium, and long-term results through the engagement of the marketing and sales teams so they can maximize their potential and achieve the expected results. We help leaders to develop teams and processes that will enable continuous sales growth.


  • Agile marketing teams able to quickly respond to market and business needs.
  • Optimized SEO-focused websites to ensure a good user experience.
  • Marketing processes capable of attracting, converting, and nurturing leads until they move on to sales.

  • Sales team leaders empowered to lead groups of high-performing salespeople.
  • Buying cycle funnel focused on the customer process.
  • Optimized sales process to ensure a high average ticket and a high closing rate.

  • Optimized and continuously improved customer experience throughout the entire buying journey.
  • High customer satisfaction.

  • Effective loyalty programs that promote a long-lasting and more genuine relationship with the customer.

  • Continuous sales growth year-on-year.
  • Continuous improvement culture.
  • Motivated and agile commercial team (marketing & sales) prepared for challenges.
  • Satisfied customers and brand promoters.

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Request for process proposal

  • Contact us and we will analyze without obligation
  • We want to understand your particular case and your growth challenges
  • If you accept our proposal for the vision design, we will move on to the next step


Vision design and implementation

  • We analyze the current situation and design the improved vision with the identification of initiatives to be performed, implementation plan, and ROI calculation
  • After the presentation of the report, we submit a proposal for our support in the implementation stage of the future vision


Implementation of the defined plan

  • The improvement projects are developed at the Gemba alongside the teams
  • All implemented improvements are standardized, and teams are trained in these new standards. We are committed to the growth results defined for the project

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Kaizen Institute works directly with the client teams, ​with a “Hands On” and “Teaching by Doing” approach​

Kaizen Institute works directly with the client teams, with a “Hands On” and “Teaching by Doing” approach​