Lean Transformation Program

To shape an organization’s system of excellence to spread the culture of lean and continuous improvement throughout the company

Lean in-house training provides theoretical and practical knowledge through exercises, simulations, and real-life success stories. Traditional classroom training is only effective when combined with a hands-on component that takes into account the specific features of the sector or business and includes on-the-job implementation.

By combining lean technical tools and change management essentials, the Transformation Program develops the abilities of top managers, continuous improvement leaders, and transformation managers to lead change in their organizations.

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5-10 days

At client’s site

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  • There is no awareness of the current lean maturity level and of the path forward to achieve excellence at all levels.
  • Non-existent or outdated company excellence systems.
  • Episodic and local continuous improvement not fully disseminated across the company.
  • Trouble when starting a lean journey.
  • Lack of an internal structure supporting lean transformation.

  • KAIZEN™ Change Model.
  • Transformation KAIZEN™ essentials.
  • Improvement system assessment.
  • Continuous improvement roles and responsibilities.
  • Lean excellence system design.
  • Transformation roadmap.

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Our Training Offer

Leadership Seminar

To develop lean leadership skills for guiding management teams in their way to achieve a positive business impact and encourage the cultural change

Insight Tours in Japan

To immerse in Japanese culture to fully understand the purpose and application of KAIZEN™ in real life

Value Stream Analysis

To master a profound diagnosis of end-to-end key processes for prioritizing improvement opportunities and designing a lean vision for the future


To empower multidisciplinary teams to lead improvement initiatives in short delivery sprints for the transformation of any organizational process

Agile Organization

To spread lean behaviors across all organizational levels for the teams’ progressive guidance in the most complex routines and tools

Strategy Planning

To master the process of strategic planning and execution for innovation and profitable business growth year after year

Benchmark Tours

To gather first-hand, on-site benchmark insights with open sharing of best practices to understand how your organization can become best in class

Lean and Six Sigma

To develop the basic and professional lean skills needed to begin and grow a Continuous Improvement culture