Speak Up Platform

Submit a case safely

At Kaizen Institute, we are committed to transparency and support based on trust and confidentiality. We encourage the reporting of potential misconduct, irregularities, or unlawful actions and situations associated with our organization, our members, or any stakeholders of Kaizen Institute.

Raising a concern should be easy. There are a couple of ways to inform Kaizen Institute if something is wrong. You may contact the organization directly or use the Speak Up Platform. This platform is a secure reporting system which provides people the opportunity to report such incidents anonymously. The confidentiality of all cases are safeguarded. You can find all details about this in the Speak Up Privacy Policy.

Review your Case

Our process

Submit a Case

You can choose to report anonymously or disclose your identification. After submitting a case, you’ll receive a link and password to access updates of the case and for further communication. You may be directly contacted in case of further investigation.

Review your case

An independent investigator will respond to your case within 48 hours. You’ll be able to see the response and comment using the given log-in credentials. Note: You will have to use the case link and your password.

Closed case

Once a case is closed, you will lose access to your submitted case. Please refer to the Speak Up Privacy Policy to learn what data is stored, in what location, for what purpose, and for how long. In case of further questions or comments, you may anonymously contact the Speak Up Team from this page.

Speak Up

Your protection is our mission. By speaking up and making us aware of any irregularities or wrongdoings, you are helping Kaizen Institute’s work environments become safer, more equitable, and more transparent.


Your concern will be treated confidentially and with the utmost discretion. Protecting your identity and privacy is our priority.

We understand that raising your voice can be challenging and uncomfortable. Provided your case was made in good faith, you are protected from retaliation of any kind.

We are following the GDPR regulations for data security and safety. Please see the Speak Up Privacy Policy for details about data storage and usage.​

Need support?

Don’t hesitate to contact the Speak Up team if you have any questions or concerns. Your privacy and protection are our priority.

Working through a concern as a true KAIZEN™ Leader

KAIZEN™ Leaders are trained to listen and act. Remember that speaking up takes courage and is a sign of trust. Taking concerns seriously and following our leadership values and methodology can help you take steps in the right direction. Our Code of Conduct and DEI Policy are great documents to refer to. Should you have questions or are unsure whether you can or should resolve the concern yourself, you can always contact the Speak Up team directly.