Strategy Planning Training

To master the process of strategic planning and execution for innovation and profitable business growth year after year

Lean in-house training provides theoretical and practical knowledge through exercises, simulations, and real-life success stories. Traditional classroom training is only effective when combined with a hands-on component that takes into account the specific features of the sector or business and includes on-the-job implementation.

The Strategy Planning program targets top managers who want to define the business’s mid-to-long-term vital strategic priorities, following a structured, participatory, and scalable approach supported by a continuous improvement culture.

10-20 days

At client’s site

(price upon request)

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  • No strategic organization/department plans for improvement covering the next three to five years (growth, profitability, or other long-term objectives).
  • Past strategic planning has not delivered the expected results.
  • More than half of strategic initiatives are not executed.
  • Employees do not grasp the objectives and how to achieve them.
  • Planning and controlling processes are highly bureaucratic, time-consuming, and require plenty of resources.

  • Strat KAIZEN™ essentials.
  • Strat Review and Hoshin Deployment principles.
  • Company figures and market study.
  • Formulation of the strategic direction.
  • Reflection on the current strategical process.
  • Tracing the strategic opportunities.
  • Outlining of the strategic initiatives.
  • Setup of the one-page strategy for the top level.
  • Roadmap for strategy deployment and monitoring.

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