Business Innovation

Accelerate innovation and digital transformation for competitive advantage with a structured lean approach

Innovation is at the core of business growth. However, the lack of processes for generating and developing ideas compromises most companies’ performance and strongly impacts the business. We partner with our clients to accelerate the growth of your organization by improving business processes while revolutionizing the customer experience.

Traditional Approach

Lean Approach

Traditional Approach

Informal and narrow ideation

Lean Approach

Structured approach to ideation

Traditional Approach

Slow and ineffective innovation

Lean Approach

Agile innovation

Traditional Approach

Uncertainty in the launch of new products

Lean Approach

Vertical start-up

Our Solutions

We bring a full range of capabilities to help you create a growth strategy, develop an innovation system and step into digital transformation. Implementing an integrated innovation system will generate a continuous flow of innovative ideas.

  • Define the growth segments.
  • Voice of the customer to formulate insights.
  • Opportunity identification regarding the market presence, change drivers, differentiation, and innovation.
  • Selection of strategic initiatives detailed with metrics and implementation roadmap.

  • Validation of market interest for a business idea.
  • Adjustment of the business idea according to defined tests and prototypes.
  • Design of a roadmap for implementation and impact quantification.

  • Characterization of current maturity regarding digital transformation.
  • Definition of the desired customer experience.
  • Definition of the processes needed to escalate/manage the business.
  • Definition of the technology needed to support the customer experience and internal processes.

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Kaizen Institute works directly with the client teams, ​with a “Hands On” and “Teaching by Doing” approach​

Kaizen Institute works directly with the client teams, with a “Hands On” and “Teaching by Doing” approach​