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Business Analytics

We solve complex efficiency and decision-making problems with the use of business data analytics solutions

Organizations are witnessing a fast-pacing transformation environment that forces companies to adapt and optimize their operation. That is why we have created Analytics by KAIZEN™. Thanks to advanced data analysis, Analytics by KAIZEN™ allows you to achieve disruptive results and higher efficiency in all areas of your business through data analytics technology.

Business Data Analytics Solutions

  • Use of simulations, supported by data, for decision-making.
  • Creation of informative dashboards based on KPIs.
  • Forecasting business trends and future challenges.
  • Predictive analytics and reporting.

  • Allocation of employees in real-time and creation of mechanisms to react to deviations or changes.
  • Task allocation according to individual skills.
  • Forecasting to detect new employee or skills needs.

  • Use data analytics for manufacturing to control production visually.
  • Automated planning based on exact requirements.
  • Complete integration with existing databases.

  • Balanced use of storage space.
  • Effective stock management policy, with a reduction in stockouts.
  • Increased service levels and reduced inventory.

  • Definition of efficient maintenance strategies to reduce equipment downtime.
  • Equipment cost forecasting and risk assessment.
  • Real-time monitoring of equipment performance and failure prediction.
  • Create data-driven operations.

  • Selection of the most efficient distribution model.
  • Reduction of fuel and maintenance costs.
  • Optimization of transport routes.

  • Optimization of customer lifetime value.
  • Definition of the best pricing strategy.
  • Identification and assessment of consumption patterns, to synchronize supply and demand.

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Discover how to optimize your organization with data analytics solutions

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The use of analytics to create business insights solutions allows companies to implement efficient processes that decrease errors in decision-making, increase sales and optimize the cost structure.



Detailed Design of Transformation Initiatives

Detailed Design of Transformation Initiatives

Flexible and Agile Implementation

Flexible and Agile Implementation

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