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An increasing number of companies are seeking organizational changes that enable them to completely change their paradigms and carry out breakthrough transformations in their office operations and transactional processes.

Traditional Approach

KAIZEN™ Approach

Traditional Approach

Functional organization

KAIZEN™ Approach

Value stream organization

Traditional Approach

Need more, hire more

KAIZEN™ Approach

Flow and resource efficiency

Traditional Approach

Speed through automation

KAIZEN™ Approach

Re-design before automating

Our KAIZEN™ Solutions

We bring a full range of capabilities to help you streamline your processes, reduce lead times, and improve the quality of information flows.

  • Understand organizational processes, how they are connected with customers and suppliers, and set the priorities for optimization.
  • Design and implement new processes that create flow and reduce lead times.

  • Design and implement the best standards to eliminate variability and waste.
  • Implement the optimal way to store information to minimize searching and maximize the user experience.
  • Use the latest technology to automate administrative processes to improve productivity and reduce quality issues.

  • Optimize the time dedicated to meetings through meeting cascade planning with the elimination of duplicate information and redundant meetings.
  • Ensure teams are focused on the value-added activities by isolating the non-value-added tasks.
  • Improve flexibility and reduce capacity losses by planning and leveraging on the multi-skilling of the teams.


30 to 40%

Average operational costs reduction

20 to 30%

Average service level increase

25 to 40%

Average process lead time reduction

Client results

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Kaizen Institute works directly with the client teams, ​with a “Hands On” and “Teaching by Doing” approach​

Kaizen Institute works directly with the client teams, with a “Hands On” and “Teaching by Doing” approach​