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Streamline operations for optimal efficiency and service delivery

The operations at the core of any organization are expected to work efficiently, effectively, and with high-quality delivery. However, the reality is that there are many obstacles in the way of an optimized process: lack of raw materials/components, inconsistent results between teams, low technical knowledge, defects, or incorrect planning. We will partner with your team to identify opportunities to optimize your operations while enabling process efficiency and service level, thereby creating more value for your teams and clients to prepare your organization for new, improved challenges.

Traditional Approach

Lean Approach

Traditional Approach

Push and batch system

Lean Approach

Pull planning

Traditional Approach

High inventory level

Lean Approach

One-piece flow and leveling

Traditional Approach

Unsynchronized operations

Lean Approach

Integrated flows

Our Solutions

We bring a full range of capabilities to help you improve and level up your entire supply chain by developing an end-to-end transformation program for your operations.

  • Implement a one-piece flow from raw material to finished product.
  • Enable mass customization by achieving the flexibility necessary for small lot production and just-in-time.
  • Eliminate non-value-added activities and automate simple operations.

  • Implement a pull flow of information that follows the material through all production stages.
  • Synchronize production with logistics through Kanban and Junjo systems.

  • Implement a continuous flow of materials from the supplier to the customer.
  • Minimize total logistics cost.


30 to 40%

Average productivity increase

40 to 60%

Average lead time reduction

25 to 50%

Average inventory coverage reduction

How do lean six sigma and operations work together?

Success demands efficiency, quality, and a relentless focus on the customer. That’s where Lean Six Sigma comes in.

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Every industry faces different obstacles

Kaizen Institute works directly with the client teams, with a “Hands On” and “Teaching by Doing” approach

Kaizen Institute works directly with the client teams, with a “Hands On” and “Learning by Doing” approach