Commercial StrategyCommercial Strategy

Commercial Strategy

How to define a successful commercial strategy?

  • Market intelligence is the process of gathering and analyzing information or data from the market in which an organization operates or wishes to operate
  • This information is analyzed to ensure that decision-making is done accurately and reliably when it comes to determining new market opportunities, penetration strategies, and market development metrics
  • Market maps help define business strategy because they provide a picture of the global market and help drive discussions about growth opportunities or acquisitions

  • Product positioning is a strategic exercise that defines how the product or service fits into the market and why it is better than alternative solutions
  • It is the basis for marketing work
  • The value curves allow the analysis of the competition, comparing the product or service and its substitutes, in order to find differentiation points
  • The goal is to generate different values from competitors or a completely new business model

  • Segmentation is an iterative process of partitioning or dividing markets into groups of potential customers with similar needs and characteristics and who are likely to exhibit identical buying behavior
  • The goal is to penetrate the customer base more effectively and identify new segments for growth
  • Allows the establishment of effective structures and processes to succeed in each target segment by organizing the sales effort appropriately, determining the best communication and promotion strategies, and maximizing the effectiveness of marketing messages

  • The sales force organization defines the structure of sales teams in order to maximize benefits for both the company and the customers
  • Ensures the correct allocation of resources to customers in order to achieve the best results for the business
  • The main goals of sales force management are to increase team productivity, increase sales, and improve customer satisfaction

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Find out what are the key opportunities in your processes by conducting a diagnosis workshop


Request for process proposal

  • Contact us and we will analyze without obligation
  • We want to understand your particular case and your growth challenges
  • If you accept our proposal for the vision design, we will move on to the next step


Vision design and implementation

  • We analyze the current situation and design the improved vision with the identification of initiatives to be performed, implementation plan, and ROI calculation
  • After the presentation of the report, we submit a proposal for our support in the implementation stage of the future vision


Implementation of the defined plan

  • The improvement projects are developed at the Gemba alongside the teams
  • All implemented improvements are standardized, and teams are trained in these new standards. We are committed to the growth results defined for the project

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