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Customer Loyalty

How to define and implement an effective customer loyalty strategy?

  • To improve the customer experience, a customer journey mapping methodology is used, with the objective of minimizing pain points and improving all interactions with the brand
  • Allows to evolve from a transactional relationship to a relationship centered on the customer and his needs
  • The main benefits are: an increase in the value of repeated sales, the customer retention rate, the number of customers promoting the brand, and a decrease in the number of detractors and the advertising campaign costs

  • The standards for customer service allow to improve and standardize all customer service processes
  • Its objective is to ensure processes of excellence through standardization and continuous improvement
  • A good service generates more credibility in the market, good brand evaluation, an increase in the number of customers, an increase in the average ticket, and ultimately, sales growth

  • Loyalty programs are a set of initiatives that aim to strengthen the customers’ involvement with the brand, making them frequent customers, promoters, and ambassadors
  • Customer loyalty marketing aims to create strategies that transform the possible customer into a frequent consumer of the brand
  • Objectives of loyalty programs: to reinforce customer engagement with the brand, create strong and even emotional connections, and increase profit while also reducing operational costs

  • Customer Relationship Management refers to the set of practices, business strategies, and technologies focused on the relationship with the customer
  • CRM platforms store information about the activities and touchpoints of current and potential customers (e-mails, website visits, and phone calls, among other interactions)
  • CRM platforms allow to anticipate needs and desires, optimize profitability, increase sales, and customize campaigns to attract new customers

  • The voice of the customer is a methodology for obtaining accurate information regarding the customers’ needs and desires
  • Refers to all ways of collecting input from the market
  • Enables you to make sound decisions regarding marketing, sales, product, planning, and other business strategies

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Request for process proposal

  • Contact us and we will analyze without obligation
  • We want to understand your particular case and your growth challenges
  • If you accept our proposal for the vision design, we will move on to the next step


Vision design and implementation

  • We analyze the current situation and design the improved vision with the identification of initiatives to be performed, implementation plan, and ROI calculation
  • After the presentation of the report, we submit a proposal for our support in the implementation stage of the future vision


Implementation of the defined plan

  • The improvement projects are developed at the Gemba alongside the teams
  • All implemented improvements are standardized, and teams are trained in these new standards. We are committed to the growth results defined for the project

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