Leaders in CI Community: Global Stories


The Leaders in CI Community is a premier networking and learning ecosystem for CI enthusiasts. Our mission is to elevate the practice of Continuous Improvement worldwide by fostering collaboration and sharing best practices among our invited members.

As an initiative of this community, we launched the “CI Index” – a barometer for the current state of Continuous Improvement initiatives across industries. It’s an amalgamation of in-depth research, expert insights, and real-world experiences.

At this event, you will be able to hear CI experts from leading multinationals dissect and discuss the findings from the CI Index. Our esteemed panel of speakers is:

  • Filipa Hoppenbrouwers, VP Production Logistics, UD Trucks
  • Sjors van Rooij, Director Operational Excellence, ASML
  • Ivan Segal, SVP Sales, Renault
  • Maureen Balsters, Senior Executive, Kaizen Insitute

Watch our “Leaders in CI Community: Global Stories” event and learn about the journeys of lean experts from multinational companies.

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