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Welcome to the Continuous Improvement Community, a premier networking and learning ecosystem for CI thought leaders from leading multinational companies. ​

Our mission is to contribute to the art of Continuous Improvement so that all CI executives ​can benefit from the insights & benchmarks of global world-class practices.​

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The Global Continuous Improvement Index

25ᵗʰ of May, 17 PM CET

Discover the presentation event of the Global Continuous Improvement Index, meant to assess the impact and footprint of Continuous Improvement efforts in global companies.​ Participants will have the opportunity to be a part of a ​survey to produce insights about the state of continuous improvement systems and participate in an online networking event.

Agenda available soon

Give your contribution to the future of Continuous Improvement

The CI community, powered by Kaizen Institute, is proud to present the Global Continuous Improvement Index to assess the impact and footprint of Continuous Improvement efforts in global companies.

Members of this community will have the opportunity to be a part of a recurring survey to produce insights about the state of continuous improvement systems so that participants can move towards state-of-the-art levels.

World-class CI Systems address 5 Management Topics,  and the Index will provide a full picture across these 5 Topics.

Following the Index, a sharing event to discuss outcomes will be organized with the presence of worldwide CI experts to comment on the Insights and offer expert opinions.

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