The Continuous Improvement Community Launch Event


The business world is constantly evolving, and organizations that fail to adapt risk falling behind their competitors. By making a commitment to continuous improvement, organizations can position themselves for success both now and in the future. Given Kaizen Institute’s goal to change organizations for the better and spread the insights from lean experts to all corners of the globe, we are launching the CI Community.

The CI Community is a premier networking and learning ecosystem for CI enthusiasts. Our mission is to elevate the practice of Continuous Improvement worldwide by fostering collaboration and sharing best practices among our invited members. As a community, we will explore the future of Continuous Improvement, identify new challenges, and generate valuable insights based on cutting-edge knowledge and the latest trends in business management.

Together, we will drive the advancement of business excellence and unlock the full potential of our organizations.

Watch our Community launch event – the first event promoted by the CI Community – and learn about the journeys of lean experts from multinational companies.

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