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It is the turn of the year. A period of reflection. An opportunity to develop or create new strategic initiatives, and the pandemic has accelerated this process. One constant that should remain, however, is the desire to achieve a culture of continuous improvement that will enable growth.

To begin this journey, Kaizen Institute presents five core principles and an approach that should be an essential part of any management process.


1. Define value

2. Value Streams

3. Create flow and eliminate muda (waste)

4. Pull system implementation

5. The pursuit of perfection

These five core principles allow you to specify your value according to customer expectations, identify waste across the value chain, eliminate waste and improve process flow, produce only what is pulled by the client, and constantly strive for perfection.

This approach will guide leaders who are developing management strategies and redefining the true direction of the company through short-, medium- and long-term initiatives.

The majority of the time this kind of mindset shift brings resistance. It is at this moment that leadership needs to ensure employees see their own worth. This kind of behavioural change is imperative to building a culture of continuous improvement

Although this approach seems simple, it is a new concept to many directors whose focus is on solving daily emergencies. These emergencies were managed without a pre-defined agenda and were driven by gut feelings rather than the involvement of employees in the decision-making process.

The KAIZEN™ approach to behavioural change focuses on coaching the organisations’ leaders, enabling them to identify waste in their own processes and mastering the appropriate tools to eliminate it. This includes involving employees in decision-making, utilising cause and effect analysis for problem-solving, and making decisions based on empirical data.

This new leadership perspective will enable leaders to focus on designing impact-driven processes that will force the company to achieve its objectives and guarantee growth.

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