Winner KAIZEN™ Award Nederland 2018 announced


We look back on another very successful edition of the KAIZEN™ Award Nederland at the Evoluon in Eindhoven! The Award was won by Royal FloraHolland this year.

Masaaki Imai (1930) established Kaizen Institute in 1985 in Switzerland to help Western organizations to apply KAIZEN™ (Continuous Improvement). There are now more than 40 branches of Kaizen Institute worldwide. In 2012, Masaaki Imai visited the Netherlands to listen to the start of Kaizen Institute Netherlands. Companies are awarded with the KAIZEN™ Award in many other countries.

KAIZEN™ Award Nederland

The KAIZEN™ Award Nederland is presented to the organization that demonstrates the best of operating on the basis of the KAIZEN™ principles. The KAIZEN™ Award is intended as an incentive to permanently embed sustainability in the DNA of an organization and to celebrate small and big successes with all those involved. A team of assessors visited seven nominees who applied the KAIZEN™ principles and developed their own continuous improvement program. Based on the assessment results, an independent jury has determined the winner.

The participants were very reputable organizations from The Netherlands and Belgium. They told the audience during the presentation in a short pitch about the Lean journey that they have made as an organization and that is still going on.

Royal FloraHolland winner of the KAIZEN™ Award Nederland 2018

The second edition of the KAIZEN™ Award Nederland was won by the organization that implemented all facets of the KAIZEN™ principles in the most sustainable way.

The winner of the KAIZEN™ Award Nederland 2018 is Royal FloraHolland!

Dätwyler winner of the Masaaki Imai Award 2018

The Masaaki Imai Award is awarded to the organization that has shown the fastest growth in all facets of the KAIZEN™ principles in a relatively short time. This can also be seen as the most promising organization for the coming years. The winner of the Masaaki Imai Award 2018 is Dätwyler Pharma Packaging Belgium!

In addition, there were very interesting speakers and there was no lack of inspiration, knowledge sharing and networks. If you would like more information as a guest or participant in the KAIZEN™ Award Nederland, please contact us:

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