Strategic KAIZEN™ – The Third Book by Masaaki Imai


Kaizen Institute is proud to announce the launch of the third book of its founder Masaaki Imai, Strategic KAIZEN™. This latest publication completes the trilogy of his authoritative work on the KAIZEN™ approach and focuses on using Flow, Synchronization and Leveling [FSL™] Assessment to Measure and Strengthen Operational Performance. Masaaki Imai provides the knowledge and insights for transforming your business into the undisputed leader of your industry in this book.

In today’s world of business, corporations are invariably judged and valued based on their financial performance. But what about operations? What about wasted time and resources, inefficiencies, redundancies? Strict dollar amounts in the millions and billions tell us little about a company’s potential – they say nothing about how much better a business can be.

Now, in this groundbreaking follow-up to his bestselling Kaizen and Gemba Kaizen books Continuous Improvement pioneer Masaaki Imai tackles the challenge of developing and executing an overall KAIZEN™/Lean business strategy.

Strategic KAIZEN™ opens new doors to world-class operational management. Imai challenges you to discard the traditional emphasis on volume and speed and replace it with a vastly more effective approach: Flow, Synchronization, and Leveling (FSL™) Assessment – a first-of-its-kind Lean paradigm for dramatically improving operational performance.

Masaaki Imai identifies the basic structure of the ideal production and operating system and walks you through the process of using FSL™ to measure operational performance and implement improvements in processes to boost efficiency and save resources.

Strategic KAIZEN™ is filled with case studies from a broad range of companies around the world, clearly illustrating how they turned Imai’s approach into reality – and how you can do the same with your business. Masaaki Imai expands upon the principles he introduced in Gemba Kaizen, illustrating the various roles played by shareholders and customers, and how they fit into operational transformation.

Masaaki Imai has played an outsized role creating and advancing the global movement for Continuous Improvement. With FSL™, he provides the approach and guidance you need to cut waste, increase efficiency, and lead your company to heights never even dreamed of. Whether you’re an executive, board member, or high-level manager, Strategic KAIZEN™ needs to be at the top of your reading list.

Strategic KAIZEN™ will be available on Amazon and in all bookstores of the United States from 22 June 2021 and two months later in all bookstores outside the United States.

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About the Author

Masaaki Imai has been championing the concept of KAIZEN™ for more than 40 years, in thought, word, and action. A colleague of the father of the Toyota Production System, Taiichi Ohno, Imai is an international lecturer, consultant, and founder of Kaizen Institute, the leading global Continuous Improvement consultancy with offices worldwide. His book Kaizen, which introduced KAIZEN™ to the world, is a global bestseller that has been translated into multiple languages and is still considered the authoritative reference on the subject – the proverbial “bible” of Continuous Improvement.


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