Partnership Between Kaizen Institute and Broadleaf


On June 23rd, 2019, Kaizen Institute, Ltd. (KI) and Broadleaf Co., Ltd. (Broadleaf) announced an official partnership to develop the KAIZEN™1 Time Study powered by OTRS2 at KI’s Annual Awards event in Krakow, Poland. 

The KAIZEN™ Time Study powered by OTRS is a work analysis and operation optimization software which reduces working time, costs of labor, production and operations using movement and video operation time analysis. 

KI Group signed a letter of intent with Broadleaf in January 2019 to modernize consulting services using technology. Software such as OTRS does not replace professional consultations, but allows clients to digitally document their improvement efforts and gather data. Both parties confirmed mutual benefit from the sharing of knowledge of the KAIZEN™ Business System (KBS) and the OTRS after having pilots across three continents.

In accordance with the agreement, KI will begin providing KAIZEN™ Time Study powered by OTRS to clients. In order to optimize the benefits for clients in relation to the KBS, KI has identified how the software could add values in terms of Continuous Improvement and the transformation jouney. With KAIZEN™ consultation and software support, KI consultants will be able to better assist companies in becoming more effective and efficient. 

KI’s director of Technology Advancement Global Support unit articulates that OTRS will enhance a clients’ experience in learning and implementing Continuous Improvement but will never replace any human interaction used to create a KAIZEN™ culture.  

“We must continuously improve how we work to help our clients as the world is rapidly changing with digitalization. OTRS is a good step forward to strategically incorporate digitalization into our service without compromising the KAIZEN™ identity.”

Broadleaf’s executive vice president, Kenichi Yamanaka believes that in order for companies to remain competitive in the industry they must keep pace with the times. According to Yamanaka, although KAIZEN™ methodology was “born in the field of manufacturing”, as a result of continuous evolution, it is practiced today in various industries – companies that adopt KAIZEN™ methodology gain a competitive advantage.  

“The partnership between Kaizen Institute and Broadleaf will accelerate the evolution of Continuous Improvement through KAIZEN™ Time Study Powered by OTRS,” says Yamanaka. “I am very glad to be able to take part in bringing KAIZEN™ to the next stage.”

The partnership between Kaizen Institute and Broadleaf has opened new doors for opportunity and improvement. Along with Broadleaf, Kaizen Institute will take another step forward toward the modernization of KI. Beginning this summer, the KAIZEN™ Time Study powered by OTRS will be promoted through KI business units around the world in more than 45 sectors, 60 countries and 6 continents. 

1 KAIZEN™ is a registered trademark of Kaizen Global Enterprises and its subsidiaries in Japan, the United States and other countries.

2 OTRS is a registered trademark of Broadleaf Co., Ltd. Japan.


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