Operational Excellence Conference


Organized by Vigor Events, the Operational Excellence Conference took place in Kuwait on April 9th and 10th and hosted the Founder of Kaizen Institute Mr. Masaaki Imai and two Kaizen Institute Business Unit leaders, Mr. Euclides Coimbra and Mr. Kimmo Järvinen.

The conference was set to focus on Operational Excellence for Leaders and attracted over 150 participants from different companies in Kuwait.

During the conference, Mr. Imai held a lecture on Kaizen Institute’s principles and methodologies to achieve the ultimate Operational Excellence within any organization.

In two additional sessions, Mr. Coimbra, conducted an interactive workshop on using KAIZEN™ in your organization, entitled “Standards in Leadership”. Euclides Coimbra highlighted “Standardization” as a foundation for “Zero Failures”. He explained the main importance of standards for leaders, and the essential meaning of “Standardization”.

Mr. Järvinen held a lecture about Daily KAIZEN™, its maturity levels, ways to implement Daily KAIZEN™ via pilots and empowering Team Leaders for the implementation. The Team Leaders’ standard work was highlighted as a critical success factor for the Daily KAIZEN™ implementation.


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