Kaizen Institute’s new strategy fosters the KBS


As part of its 2022/2024 strategic plan, Kaizen Institute is taking further steps to implement the KAIZEN™ Business System (KBS) globally and provide consistent consulting and training services to clients around the globe. As part of a global, long-term strategic improvement plan for Kaizen Institute, António Costa and John Verhees are taking on the newly created roles of CEO and Director, Consulting Governance, respectively, with the objective of further unifying the organization to benefit, especially, international clients.

“The KBS comprises a holistic set of tools and methods to improve entire organizations and provide long-term value for our clients”, says António. He points out that Kaizen Institute’s future growth will be based on internationalizing Kaizen Institute’s consulting services.

KBS consolidates the knowledge Kaizen Institute accumulated over decades by helping companies change for the better. “Overall, KBS is not simply a toolbox, but a holistic teaching and improvement system that is both effective and efficient. For our clients to benefit most from KBS, we need a strong governance process to safeguard the standardized delivery of our services regardless of geography, sector, or the individuality of our consultants”, states John.

The strategic goal is that all clients globally will be serviced by Kaizen Institute’s consultants according to the KBS methodology without variability or inconsistency to enhance and strengthen the following:

  • Collaborative problem-solving in pursuit of target achievement;
  • Real results: rapidly moving from ideas to action;
  • Flexibility to accommodate the latest market demands;
  • Practical, hands-on coaching for leaders and team members, and;
  • Co-creation of a Continuous Improvement culture.

Based on this strategic objective, Kaizen Institute’s expanded Global Leadership Team, incorporating the two new positions, is as follows:

  • António Costa – Chief Executive Officer (new role);
  • John Verhees – Director, Consulting Governance (new role);
  • Gunnar Groetschel – Director, IT;
  • Kimmo Järvinen – Director, Operational Excellence;
  • James Rawson – Director, Finance and Corporate Administration;
  • Ulrich Wolfers – Director, Brand and Licensing.

This new organizational leadership structure has been designed to drive client-centric growth for our business, underpinned by a well-managed governance mechanism to further expand our position in the marketplace as a leading global consultancy based on our proprietary KAIZEN™ methodology.


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