KAIZEN™ Insight Tour, March 2019


During the week of March 18th, Kaizen Institute held a KAIZEN™ Insight Tour in Nagoya, Japan. KAIZEN™ Insight Tour has a long tradition and is an integral part of the Continuous Improvement journey for any organization committed to excellence and sustaining it. The main purposes of KAIZEN™ Insight Tours include:

• Understanding the authenticity of KAIZEN™
• Gaining abilities and ways to enhance KAIZEN™ Culture
• Learning principles and to adapt and re-align them
• Gaining motivation and passion to carry on in a KAIZEN™ way

People from 3 different countries and companies (Atlantic LNG from Trinidad and Tobago, Life Electronica from Italy and Terex Cranes from Germany) joined the Tour and had exceptional access and insights to KAIZEN™ methodologies, based on the Toyota Production System (TPS) and KAIZEN™ culture.

The KAIZEN™ Insight Tour was led by Rik Loman (Kaizen Institute Netherlands) and all three participating companies were additionally accompanied by local Kaizen Institute consultants, which added an extra value to the participants with an individual explanation and clarification of principles and tools seen during the Gemba walks.

The Tour included both strategic and tactic elements of KAIZEN™ via Gemba walks, interactive discussions and workshops with executives and experts.

The group visited several leading manufacturing companies in Japan as well as TOYOTA, to learn from their TPS application. Participants also heard lecturers from those who have been engaged in Continuous Improvement for years. The group was exposed to diverse environments and implementation stages of Continuous Improvement, learning many different, but yet similar perspectives from top management, supervisors, team leaders and staff level members, KAIZEN™ promotional personnel, TPS specialist, and others.

While learning the history of the country, participants also experienced the Japanese culture where KAIZEN™ was originated from, and continuously sought out ways to work better to establish a KAIZEN™ culture within their respective organizations.

We trust the KAIZEN™ Insight Tour experience gave all participants the insight of what KAIZEN™ Institute calls authentic KAIZEN™ and enabled participants to learn how to successfully create a KAIZEN™ culture.


Kaizen Institute, Ltd.

Global Operations – Zug, Switzerland


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