Innovation and Excellence: Interview with Antonio Costa, CEO, Kaizen Institute


Innovation and Excellence: Interview with Antonio Costa, CEO, Kaizen Institute


The Global KAIZEN™ Award 5th Edition has not just been a celebration of excellence but also a confluence of insights from leaders in Continuous Improvement. In an interview with Antonio Costa, CEO of Kaizen Institute Ltd., we aim to shed light on the strategic approaches and transformative impacts of KAIZEN™ around the globe.

What drives the success of KAIZEN™ in today’s competitive business landscape?

The key driver is the ability of KAIZEN™ to adapt and evolve. It’s not just about efficiency; it’s about creating a culture of Continuous Improvement and adaptability that resonates with the current dynamic market needs.

How does the Global KAIZEN™ Award inspire organizations?

These awards serve as a beacon, showcasing the achievements of those who have excellently implemented KAIZEN™. They inspire others to embark on this journey of Continuous Improvement, showing tangible benefits and strategic growth.

What role does technology play in the evolution of KAIZEN™?

Technology is becoming integral to KAIZEN™, from data analytics to automation, and is an important enabler for a KAIZEN™ transformation. It’s not replacing the human element but augmenting it to achieve higher efficiency and better decision-making.

Can you share a success story from this year’s awards that stood out?

Each award recipient has a unique story, but one common thread is their commitment to inclusive growth and sustainable practices, proving that operational excellence and sustainability go hand in hand today.

What future trends do you anticipate in the realm of Continuous Improvement?

The future is about integration – integrating KAIZEN™ with digital advancements, environmental sustainability, and inclusive growth strategies. It’s about building a resilient and agile organizational culture.

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