Global KAIZEN™ Award 2019


The Global KAIZEN™ Award 2019 ceremony was conducted on November 24th, this time virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic. More than 800 participants joined the ceremony to celebrate the seven nominees in the “Excellence in Continuous Improvement System” category for their significant, innovative, and effective implementation of KAIZEN™ principles and practices during 2019. 

The Global KAIZEN™ Award program aims to annually recognize organizations leading in implementing Continuous Improvement efforts and to inspire the KAIZEN™ community. 

KAIZEN™ is not a destination, it is a continuous journey which involves constant commitment, hard work and perseverance over time. Celebrating achievements and milestones spark a sense of joy and encouragement, resulting in strongly engaged people and increased motivation.

Global KAIZEN™ Award 2019 Nominees:

The careful and comprehensive evaluation was taken by the Global KAIZEN™ Award assessment committee.

During the Award ceremony, CTT – Correios de Portugal was awarded with the 1st Place Global KAIZEN™ Award 2019 for demonstrating excellence in implementing a Continuous Improvement system and engaging the entire workforce in the process. They have successfully integrated the practice of Continuous Improvement at all levels, including the management of daily work improvement, breakthrough improvement projects, and the leader development to enable the necessary sustainable KAIZEN™ culture.

”The Global KAIZEN™ Award means a lot for CTT because it’s a symbol of our commitment to Continuous Improvement; not only in this project but every day to our customers. The partnership with Kaizen Institute was crucial to help us change the way we see our internal processes in the stores, to understand how they impact the quality of our services, and to empower our teams to be more results-focused.”

Ana Fadista Manso, Deputy Director, CTT, Portugal.

BENTELER Componentes Automotivos was awarded with the 2nd Place Global KAIZEN™ Award 2019.

Chilean Grape Group was awarded with the 3rd Place Global KAIZEN™ Award 2019.

The Global KAIZEN™ Award ceremony also included an inspirational speech about “Leadership – Unlocking the potential of others” presented by James Stewart, Former Director of Lean Transformation, Burberry. “The Key to success and the KAIZEN™ ‘Magic’ is Leadership. KAIZEN™ or ‘Lean’ is a Business System focused on a culture of continuous learning that once created delivers continuous improvement by everyone, everywhere, every day. I believe everyone has a gift and the potential to be amazing … it is only true leaders focused on others who are able unlock this.”

Sincere congratulations to all the nominees of this second Global KAIZEN™ Award for their achievement, having effectively adopted the systems and implemented the KAIZEN™ practice to constantly improve their organizations. We thank you for being great examples by demonstrating how KAIZEN™ should be employed successfully and for energizing others globally.

To learn more about the KAIZEN™ Awards and to watch the recorded version of the Global KAIZEN™ Award 2019 ceremony click here.


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