First Global KAIZEN™ Award presented in Bologna, Italy


Excitement was palpable at the Global KAIZEN™ Award 2018 Ceremony in Bologna, Italy on November 14th, while the audience anxiously anticipated the announcement of the Global KAIZEN™ Award recipients. About 170 guests gathered to celebrate the finalists in the “Excellence in Continuous Improvement System” category for their significant, innovative and effective implementation of KAIZEN™ principles and practices during 2018.

The newly launched Global KAIZEN™ Award program aims to annually recognize organizations leading in implementing Continuous Improvement efforts and to inspire the KAIZEN™ community.

KAIZEN™ is not a destination, it is a continuous journey which involves constant commitment, hard work and perseverance over time. Celebrating achievements and milestones spark a sense of joy and encouragement, resulting in strongly engaged people and increased motivation.

Global KAIZEN™ Award 2018 Nominees:
• Ducati Motor Holding, Italy: Motorcycle Industry,
• Zen S.A., Brazil: Automotive Supplier,
• Zoetis Manufacturing Spain Research SL, Spain: Animal Health,
• PKP Energetyka S.A., Poland: Electric Power Services,
• Royal FloraHolland, Holland: Horticultural Sector,
• Leoni Kerpen GmbH, Germany: Automotive Supplier,
• Galp Energia, Portugal: Energy,

The KAIZEN™ methodology has been applied globally in every economic sector and this year’s Global KAIZEN™ Award nominees are a reflection of just that – the extensive and diverse applicability of KAIZEN™ across all industries and sectors. The careful and comprehensive evaluation was taken by both local Kaizen Institute Business Units and by the Global KAIZEN™ Award Assessment Committee.

During the Award ceremony, Galp Energia was presented with the 1st Place Global KAIZEN™ Award 2018 for demonstrating Excellence in implementing a Continuous Improvement system and engaging the entire workforce in the process. They have successfully integrated the practice of Continuous Improvement at all levels including the management of the daily work improvement, breakthrough improvement projects and the leader development to enable the necessary sustainable KAIZEN™ culture.

On behalf of Galp Energia, Luís Miguel Fernandes, Network Planning, Development and Back Office Operations Manager, received the 1st Place Global KAIZEN™ Award.

Galp Energia

“It has been two and a half years of real hard work, but through hard work, the proper mindset, the proper support and methodologies we could even exceed our goals. This is just the beginning of our KAIZEN™ journey and there is still a lot of improvement.”

Luís Miguel Fernandes, Network Planning, Development and Back Office Operations Manager, Galp Energia, Portugal.

ZEN S.A. was awarded with the 2nd Place Global KAIZEN™ Award. Gilberto Heinzelmann, President and CEO of ZEN S.A. received the award.


Ducati Motor Holding was presented with the 3rd Place Global KAIZEN™ Award.
Angelo Gadaleta and Francesca Quarta received the Award on behalf of the Ducati group.


The Global KAIZEN™ Award Ceremony also included an inspirational speech about the “Wisdom of 1.000 KAIZEN™ Events” presented by Charlie Sharman, Advisor to KAIZEN™ Global Group of Companies. Today, KAIZEN™ is effective not only to improve quality, cost and delivery. KAIZEN™ changes people’s way of working and raises motivation, while it drives the business growth and profitability, demonstrated by the method Kaizen Institute employs as we work with our clients.

Sincere congratulations to all the nominees of this very first Global KAIZEN™ Award for their achievement, having effectively adopted the systems and implemented the KAIZEN™ practice to constantly improve their organizations. We thank you for being great examples by demonstrating how KAIZEN™ should be employed successfully and for energizing others globally.

For more information about the KAIZEN™ Awards visit the KAIZEN™ Awards website.


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