Global KAIZEN™ Award 5th Edition


Since 2011, the initial launch of the KAIZEN™ Award in Portugal, 16 additional countries introduced the KAIZEN™ Award within their own country. In 2013, Spain joined the recognition initiatives followed by Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Finland, India, Italy, Mexico, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Singapore, and Thailand. The KAIZEN™ culture of recognition continues to grow with the recent additions of France, South Africa, and the UK & Ireland in 2023. 

Kaizen Institute is pleased to announce the launch of the Global KAIZEN™ Award 5th Edition. This award will be presented to outstanding KAIZEN™ Award recipients in the category Excellence in Applying KAIZEN™ Principles for their significant, innovative and effective implementation of KAIZEN™ principles and practices.

The KAIZEN™ methodology has been applied across the globe in every economic sector and this year’s Global KAIZEN™ Award nominees are a reflection of just that – the extensive and diverse applicability of KAIZEN™ across all industries and sectors.

The recipient of the Global KAIZEN™ Award will be announced on November 21, 2023 at the Global KAIZEN™ Award Ceremony in Lisbon, Portugal, at the Nova School of Business & Economics. For more information about the KAIZEN™ Awards visit the KAIZEN™ Awards website.


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