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Inpatient Circuit Optimization in Healthcare 


The Challenge


• Low Operating Room occupancy: 68%

• High percentage of errors in Surgery Proposals: 84%

• High process Lead Time from consultation to surgery: 13 days

Root Causes

• Excessive information intake during admission

• Multiple communication channels and tools used by different teams

• Lack of standard process for the creation of surgery proposals

• Absence of evaluation metrics and targets to monitor patient satisfaction and process Lead Time

The Solution


• Daily Management of proposals to be created, followed by their updated process Lead Time

• Digitalization of administrative information intake to improve customer experience and reduce information handling

• Standard for creation of Surgery Proposals to decrease errors and eliminate redundant tasks

• Creation of flow in patient movement through the development of a pre-OR area and elimination of room occupancy by pre-surgery patients

The Results

The project generated annual savings of £3.5 million.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction increased by 25%


Billing Value on hold

Billing value on hold reduced by 71% 

Errors in Surgery Proposals

Errors in Surgery Proposals

Number of errors in surgery proposals reduced by 68% 

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