Winner KAIZEN™ Award Poland 2018 announced


We look back on another very successful edition of the KAIZEN™ Award Poland. The 2018 winner – Grupa Kapitałowa PKP Energetyka has been announced and celebrated during the XV European KAIZEN™ Congress in Wroclaw on November 28th, 2018. 

Masaaki Imai founded Kaizen Institute in 1985 in Switzerland to help Western organizations to implement the methodology of KAIZEN™ (Continuous Improvement). There are now more than 40 Kaizen Institute Business Units worldwide and companies are awarded with the KAIZEN™ Award in several countries.

KAIZEN™ Award Poland

The KAIZEN™ Award Poland is presented to the organization that demonstrates best practices according to the KAIZEN™ principles.

The KAIZEN™ Award is intended as an incentive to permanently embed sustainability in the DNA of an organization and to celebrate small and big successes with all those involved. A team of assessors visited three nominees who apply the KAIZEN™ principles and developed their own Continuous Improvement programs. Based on the assessment results, an independent jury has determined the winner. All participants are reputable organizations from Poland.

The second edition of the KAIZEN™ Award Poland was won by the organization that implemented all facets of the KAIZEN™ principles in the most sustainable way – Grupa Kapitałowa PKP Energetyka.

Kaizen Institute works with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

In the course of the KAIZEN™ Award Poland, further distinctions were presented to two companies: Coca-Cola HBC Polska and WIKA Polska.

If you would like to have more information about the participation in the KAIZEN™ Award Poland 2019 or to be a guest at the Award Ceremony during the XVI European KAIZEN™ Congress from 27 to 29 November, 2019, please contact us:

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