Virtual KAIZEN™ Manager Club in Poland


Kaizen Institute Poland successfully hosted its 40th KAIZEN™ Manager Club on April 23, 2020.

Particularly in the current COVID-19 crisis, communication and knowledge exchange play a crucial role. To ensure the continuity of the KAIZEN™ Manager Club during the pandemic, Kaizen Institute Poland firstly organized the KAIZEN™ Manager Club as a virtual and full-remote event, conducted by Adam Baśkiewicz, Consultant, Kaizen Institute Poland.

KAIZEN™ Manager Club is a knowledge exchange platform and a great opportunity to gain valuable insights to the KAIZEN™ approach by building a community of KAIZEN™ enthusiasts consisting of participants from various companies and industries who implement the KAIZEN™ methodologies every day.

The event is addressed to people involved in Continuous Improvement and each event is dedicated to a thoughtfully selected theme that inspires improvement initiatives. The event agenda consists of three main blocks: (i) Case studies – exchange of best practices, (ii) discussion, interaction and a fruitful exchange between participants and KAIZEN™ experts and (iii) KAIZEN™ workshops led by a Kaizen Institute Poland consultant to point out efficient KAIZEN™ approaches and solutions.

Over 100 participants participated in this year’s remote event. Participants included representatives from companies such as Whirlpool, Airbus, Saint – Gobain, PPG Deco and Volvo.

To the delight of the audience, representatives and KAIZEN™ practitioners of the companies ABB and Bridgestone shared their experience and informative case studies of their KAIZEN™ journey, followed by an enlightening Q&A session.

With the increasing reliance on virtual collaboration instead of physical meetings, Kaizen Institute Poland would like to thank all KAIZEN™ Manager Club members for joining and contributing to this successful online event.

This is a very unprecedented time for everyone, and Kaizen Institute Poland emphasises the importance of staying connected and strengthening the KAIZEN™ community, which was confirmed in the positive feedback received after the first remote KAIZEN™ Manager Club.


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