Virtual KAIZEN™ Insight Tour


Kaizen Institute hosted a virtual KAIZEN™ Insight Tour on February 2nd, 2021, together with a leading automotive supplier from Japan with exceptional insights and access to the KAIZEN™ methodology.

KAIZEN™ Insight Tour in Japan have a long tradition and are an integral part of the Continuous Improvement journey for an organization committed to excellence and sustaining it. Kaizen Institute has been offering KAIZEN™ learning tours services since 1981. The main purposes of KAIZEN™ Insight Tours include:

  • Understanding the authenticity of KAIZEN™;
  • Gaining the understanding and ability to enhance a KAIZEN™ culture;
  • Learning KAIZEN™ principles and how to apply them to each individual situation;
  • Gaining motivation and passion to carry on in a KAIZEN™ way.

The recent KAIZEN™ Insight Tour led by Kimmo Järvinen (Kaizen Institute Global Operations) was the first virtual KAIZEN™ Insight Tour Kaizen Institute organized together with a host company in Japan. The participants from Kaizen Institute’s client, Brand ID (Finland), had exceptional access and insights to KAIZEN™ methodologies, based on a KAIZEN™ culture.

The virtual tour included both strategic and tactical elements of KAIZEN™ via a virtual gemba walk supported by lectures from Kaizen Institute and the host company, ending with a question-and-answer session.

After an introduction by the host company, the participants from Brand ID where guided virtually for 30 minutes through a factory in Tado, Japan. The group was learning many different, but aligned perspectives, from top management, supervisors, team leaders, gemba staff members, and KAIZEN™ promotional personnel.

Throughout the virtual tour participants experienced Japanese culture and went through the learning of how a KAIZEN™ culture can be established throughout the organization, and how to engage all members in changing their behavior and thinking.

The virtual KAIZEN™ Insight Tour gave all participants the insight of what Kaizen Institute calls authentic KAIZEN™ and enabled participants to successfully create their own KAIZEN™ culture.

“The virtual KAIZEN™ Insight Tour was an eye-opening session. It was highly valuable to see the authentic Japanese way of working according to KAIZEN™ principles. The findings and learnings triggered discussions in our management team and strengthened Brand ID’s KAIZEN™ strategy. The tour raised the bar and motivated us to continue our KAIZEN™ journey; it confirmed we are on the right track. The KAIZEN™ Insight Tour worked really well in virtual mode. The tour was very professionally organized and facilitated. I can strongly recommend the tour for everyone on their KAIZEN™ journey.”

Juha Heljakka, CEO, Brand ID

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