KAIZEN™ Time Study powered by OTRS™ is launched


With the launch of the KAIZEN™ Time Study powered by OTRS™* on September 2, 2019, all Kaizen Institute Business Units around the world are training consultants to introduce this video-based work analysis and operational optimization software. It shortens work-time and reduces production cost by using video technology to analyze time and movement in processes.

Kaizen Institute offers our proprietary KAIZEN™ Business System (KBS) to empower our clients to identify and solve immediate problems, furthermore, KBS also creates a more efficient and motivating workplace where everyone and all processes work seamlessly together to deliver customer-satisfying outputs. Apart from analyzing and documenting the optimized operations, the KAIZEN™ Time Study powered by OTRS™ directly supports the utilization of the KBS tools. Selected consultants in all business units are going through a series of training events to enable them to demonstrate the functionality of the software to our clients.

After successful client pilots across three continents, the KAIZEN™ Time Study powered by OTRS™ will be promoted and provided through Kaizen Institute business units in 60 countries and 6 continents. The software has been proven to notably improve outcomes, even in non-manufacturing environments such as retail, customer service, and healthcare.

Along with the developer of the software and partner Broadleaf Co., Ltd., Kaizen Institute will take another step forward in the modernization of our consultance and the Continuous Improvement community. For more information about our partner Broadleaf and its time-motion analysis software OTRS™ read the article “Broadleaf Revolutionizing Time-Analysis with Video Functions“ published in the APAC CIO Outlook.

Please contact us to experience the power of KAIZEN™ Time Study powered by OTRS™.


Kaizen Institute, Ltd.

Global Operations – Zug, Switzerland


*OTRS is a registered trademark of Broadleaf Co., Ltd. Japan.

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