Kaizen Institute Statement on Ukraine


The recent series of events specific to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, caused by the Russian military invasion, is entirely against our core values at Kaizen Institute. We are committed to take any actions and decisions within our power, directly and indirectly, to help end this horrific situation.

Our priority continues to be the safety of our local members and their families within Ukraine and actively seeking ways to support them, via close communica­tions directly from our CEO and Director of Corporate Administration within Kaizen Institute’s global operations. Our office in Kyiv has been closed for the time being, due to obvious safety concerns.

We have been reviewing closely all our projects and client work related to Russia and have immediately withdrawn from such activities, until the situation is rectified, while also ceasing any support for organizations that may be linked to the current Russian regime.

Further, Kaizen Institute’s licensed operations within Russia will be a non-licensed, independent company going forward without any association with the rest of our global group. It is our deepest regret that we must take such actions, knowing our local team in Russia, Russian members, or their families within Kaizen Institute, have done nothing wrong. Kaizen Institute Russia has been part of our global organization for more than a decade and successfully delivered projects in Russia and collaborated closely with our partners around the globe, including Ukraine.

Kaizen Institute companies and offices have come together to offer support to the wider Ukrainian community, including financial donations. We stand with the global opposition to this invasion in principle and contribution. We, in solidarity with those who share our values, will work towards a peaceful and just resolution to this war.


Kaizen Institute, Ltd.

HQ Global Operations – Zug, Switzerland


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