Kaizen Institute cooperates with Broadleaf


Kaizen Institute is delighted to announce that its parent/holding company, Kaizen| Global Enterprises, and Broadleaf Co., Ltd. have signed a Letter of Intent (LOI), for a strategic partnership on 31 January 2019.  

 Broadleaf, headquartered in Japan, provides software and IT solutions/services to various industries, in particular, having a strong presence within the automobile market. Broadleaf’s Internet of Human (IoH) division’s software, OTRS, has been analyzing and optimizing clients’ operations for over 20 years. Today, OTRS supports organizations not only in manufacturing, but for broad sectors based in logistics, medical, healthcare, agriculture, and education, having over 6,000 users in more than 20 countries.  

OTRS provides the time and motion analysis to improve the operations through filming, resulting in the reduction of time and money spent. It was originally developed based on Industrial Engineering (IE) techniques and has been improved over the years, based on the users’ experiences and industrial studies. OTRS has been proven to assist not only in the improvement of the Gemba itself, but also in operator trainings, manual documentations, and such related activities.

 Kaizen Institute provides services globally, via its proprietary KAIZEN™ Business System (KBS), helping organizations to build a sustainable KAIZEN™ culture. KBS enables the organization to thrive, from the top leadership to the Gemba operations holistically.    

The objective of this cooperation is for Kaizen Institute to enter more into digitalization, enabling organizations to achieve more effective learning and a successful implementation of Gemba level improvements (GEMBAKAIZEN™), based on today’s technology. Kaizen Institute’s Continuous Improvement knowledge together with Broadleaf’s innovative approach to strengthen the Gemba with the modern techniques will benefit the organizations around the world. It is our goal that users are able to optimize the activities and improvements, made by OTRS, by integrating OTRS into their operations systematically and holistically, where people are creating never ending improvement culture and behavior utilizing the software, not the software driving the improvements. The operations will be further enhanced by this advanced software, and ultimately it is our goal for OTRS to be integrated into many of our clients’ operations, to be a must-have tool for the management teams in order to cultivate KAIZEN™ Culture.

 This Letter of Intent documents that the parties will pursue and accomplish the following:

• Establish a solid vision and mission for the cooperation;

• Share expertise and knowledge;

• Analyze the compatibility to integrate OTRS into the KAIZEN™ Business System;

• Analyze the establishment of the platform to sustain the work culture improvement;

• Finalize the long-term partnership details.

 *OTRS is a trademark or registered trademark of Broadleaf Co, Ltd. In Japan, the United States and other countries.


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