KAIZEN™ Insight Tour for Fosfa a.s.


Kaizen Institute has been offering KAIZEN™ focused learning Tour services in Japan since 1981. The experience provides participants a real insight of KAIZEN™ and is a necessary milestone for any executives to reflect on their KAIZEN™ journey.

During May 2017, Kaizen Institute welcomed Fosfa a.s. to Japan for a customized KAIZEN™ Insight Tour.

Fosfa a.s., the largest processor of yellow phosphorus in Europe and a global player in phosphoric acid, food, technical quality sodium, potassium and ammonium phosphates, has been on several KAIZEN™ Insight Tours in Japan to learn the key critical aspects of KAIZEN™ and to experience the Japanese culture, where KAIZEN™ was originated.

Lead by Kaizen Institute’s Senior Consultant Mr. Kimmo Järvinen and supported by Tour Coordinator Ms. Kyoko Hata, the customized KAIZEN™ Insight Tour started off with an introduction and lecture from the Founder of Kaizen Institute, Mr. Masaaki Imai.

During the Tour, Fosfa a.s. visited various Gembas in different sectors as well as a hands-on training center for KAIZEN™ tools. They also had various lectures and panel discussions by TOYOTA rooted executives and KAIZEN™ practitioners. The group was exposed in various environment and implementation stages of continuous improvement to learn from several perspectives from the top management, supervisors and team leaders, and TPS specialist. It lead to stimulating exchange and discussions with the KAIZEN™ Insight Tour Team and amongst themselves whenever possible, in official workshops as well as on the bus or during the meals. The group continuously sought out for ways to improve and to establish the KAIZEN™ culture within their organization.

This experience gave all participants the insight of what Kaizen Institute calls authentic KAIZEN™, to enable them to effectively and efficiently utilize it for the betterment of their organizational culture based on the KAIZEN™ principles and KAIZEN™ Business System (KBS).

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