KAIZEN™ Insight Healthcare Tour


Kaizen Institute has been offering learning tour services in Japan since 1981. The experience provides participants a real insight of KAIZEN™. This tour is specifically designed for Healthcare professionals who want to learn how to improve their current operations.

To successfully create the culture and environment in a medical facility that develops waste-free operations and achieves superb care, the principles of KAIZEN™ and Lean must be first understood. We help you to learn how to implement the system in a practical way for the Healthcare working environment.

Through KAIZEN™ Insight Healthcare Tours, you will learn:

  • Authentic Lean and KAIZEN™ principles
  • Toyota Production System and its healthcare application in Japan
  • Various tools and the correct and sustainable way to utilize them
  • How to maintain a Lean and KAIZEN™ culture
  • Leadership skills and roles of the management
  • Various case studies and KAIZEN™ practices
  • Benchmarking and learning from hospitals and other industries
  • Holistic system to manage healthcare organizations

You will experience Gemba visits, lectures / panel discussions / interaction with KAIZEN™ experts with the objective to learn the key critical aspects of KAIZEN™ and how your organization can make the differences.

You will meet and interact with various professional who were engaged in leading companies and hospitals based on the Toyota Production System implementation

Kaizen Institute’s experienced Facilitator and our guest expert, Healthcare Specialist Mark Graban, will explain the fundamental aspects of Lean Healthcare and how it can be most effectively applied to your organization.

Who should attend:

  • Top executives and board members of healthcare organizations
  • Department heads (directors and vice presidents)
  • Lean promotion office personnel
  • Physician and nursing leaders

Tour Fee: 5.400 EUR

Included: Facilitation/Consulting/Interpretation, accommodation, meals, transportation during the tour. Airfare, airport transportation and personal incidentals excluded.

For more details of the program, please contact us at:


Kaizen Institute Consulting Group, Ltd.

HQ Global Operations – Zug, Switzerland


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