JISHUKEN association awards Kaizen Institute


On April 27th , 2019, Martial Durin, Managing Director and Martin Sun, Consulting Director of Kaizen Institute China were invited as speakers to attend the third Lean conference of JISHUKEN Association China. The conference was held in Suzhou, City of China with over 500 participants.

JISHUKEN association China is a non-profit organization with over 20.000 members in China focusing on Lean promotion.

Being an outstanding contributor of the Association development in China, Kaizen Institute China was awarded as the Best Practice unit of Lean activity in China. Furthermore, Martial Durin was awarded as specially appointed Lean expert of JISHUKEN Association and Martin Sun as specially appointed Chairman of the technical committee of JISHUKEN Association.

This was the third time Martial Durin had been invited to hold a speech at the conference. With the topic ”KAIZEN™ Genesis, Current Status and Bright Future”, Martial Durin shared his experience with KAIZEN™ pioneers such as Shigeo Shingo and gave valuable insights based on his over 30 years of experience with KAIZEN™.

Martin Sun held a speech about “Thinking Training for a Lean consultant”, based on a summary of his 10 years practice and comprehension about thinking.



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