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Kaizen Institute joined the United Nations Global Compact in January 2020 and is committed to contribute to the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). “Quality Education” (SDG 4) is one of the initiatives Kaizen Institute is targeting to make a difference in our world.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic setback, we at Kaizen Institute believe that as a consulting firm, it is our duty and responsibility to work towards eliminating poverty, inequality, unrest, and environmental stress to reflect our core values. Specifically, we want to advance quality education for disadvantaged people through the creation of a new ESG (Environmental, Sustainability, and Governance) training program: The ESG Initiative – KAIZEN™ Foundations. This program teaches the foundations of KAIZEN™ methodologies with the hope of embedding important skills and increasing employability for disadvantaged individuals. The course targets people in challenging situations such as vulnerable adults, e.g., being unemployed or living in developing countries, specifically the least-deprived countries and small island nations. The training also aims to support indigenous people and youth.

The program offers a manifold of activities, ranging from presentations to simulations and assessments, forming part of a five-unit course: KAIZEN™ basics, KAIZEN™ principles, problem-solving, KAIZEN™ tools, KAIZEN™ leading yourself. On successful completion of the course, participants are certified for learning the foundations of a continuous improvement culture, gaining vital teamwork skills, and understanding how to participate effectively in an organization – ultimately enhancing employability.

Kaizen Institute aspires to support people in need to generate a culture of excellence where people feel empowered and gain skills not only essential for the business world, but also in personal development applicable to life. You can count on us at Kaizen Institute, guided by our mission: Improving the World with Everyone, Everywhere, Every Day.

If you are interested in joining this program and to learn more about it contact one of our local partners.

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