Exploring the Core of KAIZEN™: A Virtual Tour of Avex in Japan


Exploring the Core of KAIZEN™: A Virtual Tour of Avex in Japan


Recently, we hosted participants from diverse corners of the globe seeking to infuse their transformation journey by joining our Virtual Tour at Avex Japan. This immersive experience delved deep into the heart of KAIZEN™, offering invaluable insights into the strategic framework and cultural ethos of one of Japan’s leading companies.

Avex, renowned as an automotive parts supplier, has demonstrated its unwavering commitment to excellence since its foundation in 1949, winning multiple awards.  The focal point of our tour was the Tado plant, which commenced operations in 2004. Our participants were provided a unique “behind the scenes” view into the operational management and people development aspects of this acclaimed organization.

Throughout the tour, the embodiment of KAIZEN™ principles was most notably focused on their reverence for their employees. Employees are treated as the single most important asset of the company. Most importantly, they teach their employees how to use KAIZEN™ to reap the opportunities of change, honoring their founder’s credo of “The job we do now will be taken over by somebody or something else someday!”.

Notably, Avex intensified its focus on Human Resources following the economic in the 1970’s, fostering an environment conducive to innovation and collaboration. Encouraging individuals to challenge conventional norms, coupled with visualization and standardization, proved instrumental in navigating through turbulent times. In the aftermath of both the Lehman crisis and the COVID pandemic, Avex recorded remarkable sales figures, a testament to the efficiency of KAIZEN™ practices.

Avex regards KAIZEN™ not as an end goal but as a means to realize its vision. “No vision, no KAIZEN™ “.

Following the tour, a thought-provoking discussion ensued, wherein participants collectively reflected on their learnings and explored how these can strengthen their respective journeys.

We extend an invitation to all those intrigued by the transformative power of KAIZEN™. Whether through virtual or physical tours, the opportunity to immerse yourself in an authentic Kaizen environment awaits.


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