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Kaizen Institute South Africa recently co-hosted the Anglo American Platinum Smelting Operations’ awards event in Rustenburg, which recognizes its best performing teams’ employees. Kaizen Institute South Africa’s Managing Director Mbuso Nkosi was invited as a panel member to judge the various projects presented on the evening.

“The gala event is the ultimate Rewards and Recognition platform to showcase the annual efforts of the best teams from all the smelting operations. The evening also presents an opportunity for the various sites to share best practices and to learn from one another,” Mbuso Nkosi said.

Throughout the year all site teams are reviewed monthly and coached on best practices and world class standards. They then showcase and share their performance with other teams on site in a Multi-Level Meeting (MLM).

From this process, which is based on team coaching review scores and other criteria, such as innovation and cost savings, each site selects its best team to represent them at the Gala in the following categories; best team, best Innovation, best 5S and best KAIZEN™ project.

Several teams and individuals from the Anglo Converting Process (ACP) plant, Mortimer and Waterval smelters– under the Leadership of Bayanda Mncwango, General Manager of Smelters – received trophies for their performance in various categories at their respective plants.

“The purpose of the annual awards is to reward and encourage outstanding work performance and innovation at the smelters as part of Anglo American Platinum’s drive to position the company as a leader in the platinum mining industry, promote best industry practice and ensure cost-effective operations,” said Bayanda Mncwango.

As the Kaizen Institute South Africa, we were delighted to see how our principles and methodologies have been successfully embedded within Anglo Platinum’s smelting operations and have resulted in substantial gains in leadership effectiveness, employee engagement, elimination of waste and overall living the values of the organization,” added Mbuso Nkosi. 

Among the many benefits are:

• Improvements in customer service – aligning process capabilities to customer needs and expectations

• Process visibility – a detailed understanding of how work is done captures organizational knowledge and results in increased productivity and reduced turnaround time

• Improvements in organizational capability – a focus on end to end process promotes cross departmental communications, innovation and clear accountability for process performance and measurement

• Greater clarity on the role of the individual. Process focused employees promotes a sense of empowerment and ownership transforming behavior from “who caused the error” to “how can the process be changed to prevent the error”

“Every one wins in the quest for continuous excellence,” Mbuso concluded.


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