1st APAC Webinar – Cut Waste, Not Costs


On September 23rd six Kaizen Institute business units from the APAC region hosted their first webinar, Cut Waste, Not Costs. This event turned out to be a knowledgeable forum of sharing expertise and wisdom. 

The webinar saw 264 registrations from 47 countries with majority representations from India, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Cambodia. The objective of hosting this webinar was to educate the attendees regarding the importance of KAIZEN™ and how it enables a team to cut waste instead of cutting costs during these tough times. Building “good habits” to sustain growth for the long-term was a key message. 

The session was spearheaded by keynote speaker, Jayanth Murthy (Joint Managing Director of Kaizen Institute – South Asia and Africa) and supported by pioneers, leaders, and experts in KAIZEN™ from across the APAC region, like:

  • Vinod Grover – Managing Director, Kaizen Institute South Asia and Africa
  • Peet Wiid – Managing Director, Kaizen Institute New Zealand
  • Ramesh Raju – Partner, Kaizen Institute Thailand
  • Sharil Goh Fadhil – Director, Kaizen Institute Malaysia
  • J. Andre Roberto – Managing Director, Kaizen Institute Indonesia
  • Vijay Allaham – Director, Kaizen Institute Myanmar

Jayanth emphasized the importance of using KAIZEN™ as a strategy for holistic waste elimination to improve productivity without cutting cost. After his engaging presentation he also replied to several submitted questions from participants about the applicability of KAIZEN™ in the service industry. He confirmed that Continuous Improvement can (and should) be applied in any sector, whether pharmaceutical, manufacturing, food processing, healthcare, or banking.

During the session Jayanth shared that KAIZEN™ is a culture and not a project. KAIZEN™ enables the creation of a culture of continual improvement achieved by forming new behaviors: habits of seeing and eliminating waste

He also introduced the KAIZEN™ Business System and KAIZEN™ Change Model to the audience and emphasized that it is the operating system of the organization. Tools and methodologies like TPM, 5S, Quick Changeovers, etc., will only work if the culture, which is the operating system, is strong enough to sustain the improvements made.

During the subsequent panel discussion, topics based on questions from the audience were addressed, for example: the critical role of senior leaders in creating a KAIZEN™ culture, when to expect results, and how waste is contributing to cost blow-outs. Another important panel discussion point involved the change of mindset required to apply KAIZEN™ and how this mindset is actually changed. 

This successful webinar can be summarized: tough times do not last, tough companies do. This requires a culture change: stop cutting costs and start cutting waste! 

Build your company immunity with the help of KAIZEN™ – we specialize in helping organizations to create a continual culture of cutting waste.

There is still an opportunity to view the entire session if you have missed it by CLICKING HERE


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