Rethinking your Strategy for the New Normal?


The current global crisis has led to many companies requesting that their employees engage in their daily tasks remotely.

Whilst this gives rise to certain challenges, remote working emerges as an opportunity for the digitialization and automation of team management and project management processes.

But how ready are you to be able to quickly adapt and pivot direction to take advantage of the opportunity in front of you?

Kaizen Institute and i-nexus carried out a recent Strategy Execution survey and we invite you to join João Castro, Senior Partner from Kaizen Institute and Simon Crowther, CEO, i-nexus where they will explore the findings in this on-demand webinar.


They also discuss:

  • The importance of digitalization and being able to respond to rapid change
  • How to improve efficiency whilst working remotely in large teams
  • How to be ready to pivot and transform your strategy execution in the face of uncertainty
  • The need for having a strong review process to enable you and your teams to adapt quickly

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