Playbook for Agile
Demand-Driven Supply Chains


Supply chains can be a competitive advantage for businesses if they foster an excellent service level at low cost. However, this equation is not easy to obtain. From collaborating with suppliers and distributors, to achieving efficient operations, a lot needs to be done. To help on this journey, we highlight the 7 steps to achieve demand-driven, agile supply chains.

1. Map the supply chain E2E with value stream design

2. Implement a pull planning system with pull S&OP, S&OE leveling and synchronization

3. Create material & information flow in production – warehouses and transportation

4. Increase resource efficiency in production – warehouses and transportation

5. Reinforce the KAIZEN™ Culture with Daily KAIZEN™, KAIZEN™ Events and Strategy Deployment

6. Manage change, instability & risks by engaging senior management and creating an effective tiered help chain

7. Pilot, assess, benchmark & scale to deploy improvement throughout the organization


Accelerate supply chains playbook 1

Accelerate supply chains playbook 2

Accelerate supply chains playbook 3

Accelerate supply chains playbook 4

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