How to Start a Journey of Transformation
in Logistical Operations


The current situation and the globalisation of markets require a reinvention of supply chains to safeguard the competitiveness and responsiveness of the sector. This problem affects both the logistics companies themselves and the logistics functions and departments of various sectors, such as the industry or retail.

Faced with this scenario, managers are looking for ways to reduce costs and increase service levels by working on transport and storage operations throughout the distribution network.

At Kaizen Institute, we advocate that the journey of transformation should start on the field, where the processes take place, whilst following a structured and collaborative methodology. By working together with your team, we will understand the current state of processes and identify the main gaps and the most impactful ones that prevent you from achieving your goals. We will then identify the main opportunities to create a vision of end-to-end improvement based on disruptive behaviours and define an implementation plan of initiatives based on customised solutions.

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