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Strat KAIZEN™ in Steel Wire Industry


The Case

KAIZEN™ in Manufacturing started in 2018. Need to impact sales and profitability
KAIZEN™ in Manufacturing started in 2018. Need to impact Sales and Profitability
  • Stalled sales in the last 3 years
  • Low profitability (EBITDA/sales) and with a tendency to decrease even more
  • Most sales are in product and low margin segments (Construction)
  • Lack of information on markets (size, quota, competition) and VOC
  • Low efficiency marketing and commercial processes
  • Low production efficiency limits the effort to increase sales

The solution

Strat to Action Plan (south of matrix X)… with 5 breakthrough priorities with goals
  • Selection of breakthrough initiatives
  • Market penetration (in 2 high margin/growth markets)
  • Improving the OEE (on production lines for high margin markets)
  • KAIZEN™ Culture consolidation (Deploy DK to all teams and implement Hoshin Review)

The Results

  • Sales increase from 41 million to 65 million (59%)
  • OEE increase from 50% to 80% (60%)
  • EBITDA increase from 1,8 million to 4,9 million (172%)

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