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Process Efficiency in the Public Sector 


The Challenge


• Large number of pending cases

• High average process Lead Time

• Unbalanced distribution of workload between team members

Root Causes

• Inefficiency in process handling as a result of non-value-added tasks and over-processing

• Lack of flow in process execution caused by errors, leading to process restarts

• Span of control did not allow for appropriate management and reporting

The Solution

• Mizusumashi to reduce time spent on document transportation and create pace 

• Process Design to reduce redundant or non-value-added tasks, creating flow and reducing process Lead Time

• Office Standard Work to improve task efficiency and automate procedures

• Daily KAIZEN™ and Leaders KAIZEN™ to adjust span of control to a manageable ratio; help plan team workload and keep track of service level KPls on a regular basis

The Results

The project had a Payback period of 5.5 months with the annual savings of £530k

Non-value added tasks

Time spent on non-value added tasks reduced by 25% 


Overall productivity increased by 15% 


Overall productivity increased by 15% 

Consumable stockouts

Consumable stockouts eliminated

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