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Marketing Strategy for Complementary Products


The Challenge

Issue Identification


• Low penetration rate of complementary products

• Sales teams with little focus on added value for the customer

Root Causes

• Little information available to the customer on complementary products

• Lack of clarity and difficult to understand product presentation strategy and conditions

• Sales teams overloaded with administrative tasks

• Poor customer segmentation and lack of adaptation of the approach to each segment

The solution

Solutions services

• VOC Analysis of Reasons for Not Buying Complementary Products

• Definition of Customer Segmentation Criteria

• Creation of visual content to support the sale of products and sales arguments by segment

• Simplification and automation of administrative tasks to free up time for sales teams

The Results

The project generated £1.4m per year.

Lead Time

Complementary Products Sales

Sales of complementary products increased by 30%

Industrialisation travail

Profitability per Day

Profitability per day increased by 50%.

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