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Improvement Cycles in Discrete Assembly


The Challenge

Unsustained results after project finishes
Unsustained results after project finishes
Unstructured Approach to Communicate Project Results
Unsutructed Approach to Communicate Project Results


• Difficulty in sustaining implemented improvements, once projects have been completed

• Similar improvement projects being implemented simultaneously

• Improvement initiatives not perceived as part of daily activities by team leaders

Root Causes

• Loss of momentum when improvements are passed on to Gemba management

• Lack of overall visibility over ongoing projects and guarantee of alignment with company vision

• Poor improvement routines in the daily agendas of team leaders and disconnection between improvement culture and performance evaluation

The solution

From Strategy to System CIP
From Strategy to System CIP
Process Confirmation
Process Confirmation

Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) is composed of two levels: System CIP – holistic approach to improve the whole value stream with disruptive changes; and Point CIP – focus on the workplace or line to stabilise and improve existing standards

• Daily Management is ultimately responsible for sustaining the results after Point CIP has eliminated the largest causes of variability through standards and process confirmation, quick reaction systems and structured communication

• Initiatives implemented with System CIP are deployed from Vision and Strategy along with Value Stream Analysis and, once closed, are Reviewed and Audited

The Results

Productivity (parts/hour)

Productivity (parts/hour)

Productivity of labour increased by 68%.

First Time Through

First Time Through

First time quality increased by 20%.



Overall equipment efficiency of plant increased by 18%.

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