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Daily Management Routines in Administrative Teams




• Deviation of the team from the organisational goals

• Large fluctuation in load with impact on service level

Root causes

• Lack of structured and frequent business indicators follow-up

• Lack of planning and follow-up of the team’s work

• Unilateral decisions, taken by the leader and shared with the team

• Difficulty in articulating the work of headquarters and local platforms – rework and information duplication

The solution

• KPIs monitored and acted upon by Gemba teams

• Involvement of the entire team in problem discussions and decision making – Structured Problem Solving and Standard Work

• Training and coaching in the new procedures created

• Collaboration and mutual support between company departments (145 teams)

• Efficient meetings, with the necessary information on visual boards

The Results

Platform Support Requests

Platform Support Requests (Rework)

Platform Support Requests reduced by 72%.

Non Compliant Invoices

Non-Compliant Invoices

Non-Compliant Invoices dropped by 53%.



Productivity raised by 16%.

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