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Daily Management in the Public Sector


The Challenge

Poor workplace organisation
Poor workplace organisation
Incorrect team dimensions
Incorrect team dimension


• Lack of management by objectives (KPIs)

• Lack of organisation of physical spaces, which limits productivity

• Difficulty in standardising knowledge in Teams and effectively training new employees

Root Causes

• Teams without autonomy in process maintenance and improvement

• Lack of proactivity in process improvement

• Weak culture of continuous improvement and lack of routines

• Suboptimal number of team members in each team, contributing to poor coordination of teamwork

The solution

Team meetings with visual management
Team meetings with visual management
Workplace organisation
Workplace organisation
Standardisation and Structured Problem Solving
Standardisation and Structured Problem Solving

• Daily Team Meetings: supported by team boards with KPIs, Work Plan, Definition of Priorities and Improvement Cycle

• Digital and Physical workplace organisation to boost productivity, improve process transparency and create a better working environment

• Office Standard Work and Structured problem solving to improve process efficiency and automate procedures, facilitating employee training – over 100 tasks standardised

• Team Development Programme to roll out implementation to all areas

The Results

The daily improvements of the teams generated annual savings of £400,000 per year.



The number of process errors decreased by 30%.

Team Versatility

Team Versatility

Team polyvalence increased by 40%.

Average Execution Time

Average Execution Time

Task execution times decreased by 60%.

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