Strategic KAIZEN™


Strategic KAIZEN™

Using Flow, Synchronization, and Leveling [FSL™] Assessment to Measure and Strengthen Operational Performance

In this groundbreaking follow-up to his bestselling books Kaizen and Gemba Kaizen, the father of KAIZEN™, Masaaki Imai tackles the challenge of developing and executing an overall KAIZEN™/Lean business strategy. Strategic KAIZEN™ opens new doors to world-class operational management. Imai challenges you to discard the traditional emphasis on volume and speed and replace it with a vastly more effective approach: FSL™ Assessment – a first-of-its-kind Lean paradigm for dramatically improving operational performance.

Strategic KAIZEN™ is filled with case studies from a broad range of companies around the world, clearly illustrating how they turned Imai’s approach into reality – and how you can do the same with your business. Masaaki Imai expands upon the principles he introduced in Gemba Kaizen, illustrating the various roles played by shareholders and customers, and how they fit into operational transformation.

by Masaaki Imai (2021)

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