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SC Hirschmann Romania SRL


Client Profile

Since more than 50 years, Hirschmann Automotive is working on the progress of the automotive industry. Hirschmann Automotive stands for movement and security on the street. For them, this means flexibility, reliability and innovation. Their specialty: contacting- and connectorsystems, sensorsystems, special cable assemblies and overmoulded technology. If it is about standard products or individual customized solutions, their product spectrum ensures reliability under the most extreme conditions and in highly demanding areas within a vehicle. Worldwide, around 4.500 dedicated employees work for the success of Hirschmann Automotive.


  1. Supervisors and operator’s involvement in Flow Value Stream Design
  2. Improve the mix between 5S worktable, Line Design, Border Of Line and KANBAN, during a one week workshop
  3. Clear Action Plan and strong support of the Top Management to achieve the target of 100 % productivity increase

Our Approach

Two crucial steps led to significant process and outcome improvements:

  • Redesigning the workplace by ergonomic 5S to eliminate muda of motion and defects, which improved the product’s Cycle Time and therefore productivity
  • The project was implemented in 1.000 further working places, which led to a considerable output increase
  • Pulled flow (KANBAN) was applied between the three major sub-processes eliminating stock muda (Work in process) and defects, which led to a reduction in the production’s Lead Time

Key Results

  • Inventory pieces reduced from 31.856 to 600 (98%)
  • Surface reduced from 77 to 16 square meters (79%)
  • Cycle Time reduced from 865 min to 750 min (13%)

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