Project Management as a Service Project Management as a Service 

Project Management as a Service 

An approach to improve the effectiveness of project management within an organization

Several organizations recognize that their core strength is producing a product, not managing projects. Consequently, a number of breakthrough processes are often overlooked and left behind. These include laying a framework for operational excellence during the planning phase, minimizing the impact of new projects or expansions on existing operations, avoiding costly changes throughout the project, supporting teams that lack the required skill set to complete a project, navigating compliance hurdles, and course correcting projects that are consistently over budget, late or poorly defined.

Our team of dedicated Kaizen project managers collaborates with our clients to bolster their overall project execution by leveraging resources that cover the spectrum of Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) to complete project team implementation with the goal of successful project delivery. 

Our Solutions

The KAIZEN™ management philosophy focuses on reducing or eliminating waste across a project to maximize client value. We aim to eliminate waste related to project changes, scheduling, and scope – all of which lead to Operational Excellence.

Our team works with your top-level management to determine the most advantageous business path using our Kaizen Business Systems model.  We work with you to:

  • Assess projected consumer habits & industry trends as they relate to the development of your project
  • Analyze beneficial technology options emerging in the industry
  • Create high-level scope definition and validate cost & schedule assumptions
  • Define project organizational structure & identify resource gaps
  • Promote a continuous improvement culture

During the Conceptual Design and Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) stages of your project, our team will work with your operations staff to determine how to eliminate waste and enhance your operational process, including:

  • Optimizing equipment layout to allow for minimized people and equipment movement
  • Enhancing material flow to eliminate redundant or unnecessary processing
  • Supply chain and logistics efficiency within and outside of your plant
  • Provisions for Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and reduction of equipment downtime

We use Visual Management to engage leaders, contractors, and workers on every level to ensure deadlines are met, costs are controlled, and changes are minimized – the entire scope of your project is executed as planned. Key focus areas include:

  • Contractor and vendor integration to ensure “waste-free work”
  • Site organization and logistics to promote safe and efficient delivery of project scope
  • Effective resource planning, including skills development, materials management, and site deployment strategy
  • Daily team integration to promote a continuous improvement mindset

As your project nears completion, we will work with installation crews, vendors, and operations staff to ensure buildings, utilities, and equipment are ready for startup including:

  • Roll-out of programs to ensure that safety is a key focus during equipment startup
  • Identify gaps in the equipment handover process and mitigate
  • Ensuring equipment is delivered and assembled to the correct specification with all deficiencies resolved
  • Validating that equipment meets contracted production rates while ensuring safety protocols are in place
  • Coordinated and standardized turnover of equipment and data to operations

The goal of any project is a vertical start-up. This reduces the overall time to cash flow on a project, which is critical to project economics. The best way to ensure a vertical startup is to define the project scope clearly at the front end of the project, thereby minimizing late-project changes that delay startup, delivery of the product, and overall cash flow.

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